Trade Jacobs and Christian Kirk for Marlon Mack?

It’s a half ppr league. Mack is injury prone, but I could use a boost to my rbs.

We start 3 wr, 2 rb, 1 te, 2 flex.

My wrs are Adams, Hopkins, Kupp, Kirk, McLaurin, Hardman.

Tes Waller, Engram.

Rbs Carson, Penny, Jacobs, Breida, Gallman, Pollard.

Any advice is appreciated thanks!

Would anyone like to respond please?

I think u pay a high price but it helps ut team.
When will you play kirk over those 3 wr studs?
Would do it.

I like it. Gives you someone actually producing and you’ve got room for give at WR

@Cetto there’s 2 flexes, I do have the option of putting Kirk in one of them, while starting Adams, Hopkins, Kupp. Only thing is , before trading wr depth, I think I should wait and see how long Adams will be out.

Hes not likely to miss much time.
Mclaurin should be fine too.
Still like the trade.

So you gotta start 3 WRs plus 2 flex plays? Dang, maybe the volume of players is better. This still isn’t a bad trade. For this week I’d imagine you’d have Gallman and Hardman in the Flex spots which are great

@iNeedFFadvice Right now my lineup is Goff, Adams, Hopkins, Kupp, Jacobs, Gallman, Engram, Kirk, Waller.

I have Carson and Hardman on the bench. I’m nervous about Carson, so I figured to go with the safe plays of Jacobs and Gallman.

I really wanted to start McLaurin this week but I’m not taking that chance either.

Should I change up my lineup?

@iNeedFFadvice @Cetto

You also get full points for first downs, and bonus points for 40 yd plays too.

With the bonuses and so many spots to fill I’d take a flyer on Hardman in a flex. Big play potential and he’s in a dome this week.

@iNeedFFadvice thanks. Do you agree with my 2 rb spots?

I personally am going to play Carson. I believe he has a better game.

I don’t see the high price? Mack is behind the best o-line in football and producing like a redraft R1 pick… Kirk is WR3/4 borderline waiver trash in most leagues… Jacobs is running behind one of the worst o-lines in the league… auto-yes for me… wouldn’t take it as a Mack owner

@BratwurstNightmare @iNeedFFadvice @ I offered him Carson, Jacobs, Kirk for Mack and Mixon. He’s thinking about it. I’m hoping he accepts.

I liked the original offer better, but if that pushes it through I’d take it

@BratwurstNightmare Thanks, he also offered me Hyde and Mack for Carson and Jacobs but I said no.

Yea… I like Mack but I’d rather have two starters… good fold there

@BratwurstNightmare @iNeedFFadvice

What do you think about me offering Jacobs and Kirk for Mack and Curtis Samuel?

To pair Mack with Carson.

Did he decline Jacobs/Kirk for Mack? If he’ll take that don’t look your gift horse in the mouth… I hate trading with people that try to nickle and dime every ounce of value they can… generally just move on from them…

Why would he accept adding Samuel to it? No chance in hell I accept that as the Mack owner but I wouldn’t have taken the original offer as the Mack owner either