Trade Jacobs for Hill or DJ moore, Fant and Barkley

RBs Jacobs, Chubb, Carson, Hunt, Montgomery and Gibson.
Wrs Mclaurin, Chark, Gallup, Dionte, Shenault
TEs Herndon (Jarwin hurt :pensive:)

This is a keeper league where you can keep 2 players $200 Cap space
Barkley would be 65 to keep next year
Jacobs 62 to keep
DJ Moore 37 to keep
Hill 50 to keep

Not to mention all of my current WRs could be kept for less that 20.

Im trying to figure out if this trade makes sense to if I were to not keep Barkley in the long run.

I know this a lot to take in but anyhelp is appreciated!

I’d say no to the trade, from both a long term (keepers) and short term (this season) perspective. Barkley is clearly trending to be injury-prone, having missed time due to injuries now in all 3 of his starting seasons. Jacobs at this point in time i believe will be more valuable than Barkley should he remain healthy. However in the short term, i would try and trade your Chubb for a quality WR (maybe a robert woods or DJ moore straight up) to give you a more consistent WR1

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I wouldn’t do that trade. You’re better off this year with your current team.

I would try flipping Hunt (or Monty) and Gallup for a better WR. A lot in play with the salary cap keeper value.