Trade James Conner for Juju?

(14 man PPR)
My RBs are already stacked with Kamara and Mcaffery.
My starting WRs are Hilton and Landry.

Conner feels like a ticking time bomb and now there’s talk of Antonio Brown skipping practice.
What do my fellow footclan members think?
Should I trade James Conner for Juju?

P.S. one time i beat andy in rocket league.

I’d take Juju for Conner straight up. Especially given your WR core.

AB skipping practice stuff is totally irrelevant.

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thanks. i’m going to try to package my ricky seals-jones for his ASJ as well

Why. Both of those players are kinda useless. And of the 2, I’d rather have RSJ.

Sammy-Sleaves scares me. I trust bortles more.

lol. That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen. Don’t trust either. You need a better option than both. That trade itself is pretty meaningless.