Trade James Connor for bell?

Was just offered to trade James Connor for lev bell. I own Connor. What do I do!!??

Yes accept

Even if he doesn’t return until after the trade deadline it’s still worth it you think?

It’s still worth it hands down . He will return and be there for the playoffs when it matters

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I accept that trade in a heartbeat

Tough to digest…as the Conner owner I’m dealing with the Bell owner. He seems willing to deal Ingram for Conner (which I’m thinking of taking and Running) but I’m trying to deal for Bell instead and securing the Bell/Conner combo and wait it out. Reports are saying he’s not reporting until after the trade deadline…might be a couple of weeks after that to see himself in the starting role if he’s not in football shape. I’m 6-0 but I think I might rid myself of this mess and get Ingram and hope he continues his role with the Saints

I’ve been beating myself about it now for a week lol I’m looking for advice as well. I have M. Gordon, Drake, Murray, Kerryon as my other backs

If you’re in position to withstand victories I’d do it.

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