Trade James Connor for Marvin Jones?

half ppr. my other RBs are fournette, mccaffrey, burkhead, lynch

so what are your WR’s?

fitz, robby anderson, julian edelman, keelan cole

I would try to get more than Marvin Jones if you can, but you really need the WR help. If that’s all you can do then go for it, but I think he’s worth more than Jones.


You can and should get more than Marvin Jones.


Conner is now in the realm of Allen Robinson + in terms of value. Get yourself a low end WR1 for Conner. Especially if you’re trading him to the Bell owner.

don’t do this trade. Marvin Jones could end up as the #3 receiver on his team. If you’re trading conner aim higher


What about like a diggs?


try diggs, theilen, landry. Personally I like Landry in half PPR the most of all of those.

I think Tate would become the #3 before Marvin does since Golladay is taking all of the short & mid ranged targets which is what Tate is known for. Marvin is the big play guy. But yes, he should definitely aim higher than a boom/ bust guy.

IDK, Tate still got his targets and production with Golladay and Jones is the one who struggled

Diggs, Landry, Sanders, maybe Evans are all possibilities at this point. I agree with @Nicknj12 about Landry being a good choice to consider.

Should i package connor and robby anderson for obj or keenan allen?

Sanders and Evans are good ones too if you can get them. I’d put sanders last of all the options thrown out, but still a good option.

would you trade connor for allen robinson?

If you can get it yes definitely.

I probably wouldn’t do it for Robinson but that’s not a bad idea. I just don’t think Trubiski will be good, but if you believe in him Robinson isn’t a bad target.

Conner and Anderson for OBJ or Keenan Allen…absolutely worth it, hard to see the other owner going for it though.
Target the Bell owner; who are their WR’s?

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He has diggs, marvin jones and josh gordon. He won’t budge on diggs :\

Tate is going to have 90 catches and 1000 yards again… don’t get silly