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Trade Jay Ajayi for Antonio Brown?


This is a 12 man basically standard league (.25 PPR) with deep rosters. I lucked into having Jay Ajayi, Hunt, and Zeke as my running backs…however my wideouts have let me down. I’m worried also by Jay’s injury. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Who are your WRs? And the rest of your RBs? RB depth this year is going to be big


Here’s my roster right now.


Yea you have no RB depth of you loose Ajayi but but AB would be a great add to your team. I honestly would do it and look for an RB in the waiver


IF your RB’s stay healthy this is the type of trade that wins you the league. And Hunt and Zeke are both young and no serious injuries in the past.


I agree with @LuccasG . You can afford to lose Ajayi right now but if one of your RB’s gets hurt, then you’re screwed. WR’s aren’t that valuable this year in fantasy, RB’s are everything because there’s only a few of them who carry actual fantasy value while there are dozens of WR’s that can be viable options on the waivers. If it were me I would keep Ajayi because injuries are becoming more and more common in the NFL these days and it’s just safer to have a plan B if one of yours goes down.


Yeah I agree, unfortunately since the starting rosters are so deep WRs are very thin as well. Definitely a tough call.