Trade Jay Ajayi for Kareem Hunt

I may be just after the new hotness, but I was drafting during the Chiefs preseason game planning to grab Kareem Hunt late. As I was coming up we saw the injury to Spencer Ware during the game and with no hesitation the guy on the clock snagged him in the 6th round. I have a solid RB squad with Ajayi, Crowell, Cook, Martin, Coleman, and Kamara. Should I trade Ajayi for Hunt in an attempt to get him back?

I don’t think Hunt is better than Ajayi. You would be trading a top 10 projected RB for a top 25 projected RB.

I really don’t think you need to make a move here. You have three solid RBs and when Martin comes back you’s have 5 starters. No need to trade for hype.


i agree, except for your analyst of hunt being a top 25 guy only. i would say he is a top 12 guy now.

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Thanks for your input. I knew I was chasing the new hotness a little bit, but that temptation is just so sweet. I’m pretty happy with my RB group I am just salty he was sniped from me and I settled with Tevin Coleman.