Trade jedi help

Would you trade away W.Smallwood & B. Powell for N.Chubb?

Full point PPR league

This guy has Chubb and C.Thompson, I am trying to get one of them.

Depends. If you’ve got depth then yes. Are they both or your bench?

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I would definitely sell those two for Chubb. He has way more value than the other two, in my opinion

yeah, they were both on my bench. I paired up Smallwood/Powell/W.Snead and traded for Chubb.

It’s funny cause a lot of guys were pissed in my league about the trade. Carlos hyde wasn’t doing anything as of late and although I believe Chubb is talented and in a good position the Browns haven’t looked good. If Chubb get’s 15 a game then I like that trade, they are acting like he is effing Todd Gurley.

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