Trade: Jeffery & Howard or Lynch for Hill?

I was offered a trade t.hill for a.jeffery and j.howard/Lynch. Which RB do I keep? Should I target a different WR?

(PPR) My Team:
QB: Luck
RB: David Johnson
RB: Jordan Howard
WR: Keenan Allen
WR: Emmanuel Sanders
TE: Greg Olson (O) Vance Mcdonald
FLEX: Chris Thompson or Alshon Jeffery
Bench: Lynch & Watkins

Trade Lynch. Howard has a better schedule, and this may sound weird but he is in a better situation offensively. Oakland is a mess. I had Howard and Lynch last season. I have Howard this year, I like both of them, but you gotta keep Howard.

I’ve gotten a lot of offers for him, but I’m not trading him. I’ve been a broken record with this on the forum. Howard will have his big games before you know it and you’ll be glad you kept him.

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