Should I trade Kenyan Drake and receive Alshon?

Rest of team:

RB: Kamara, Hines, Lindsay, Drake, Jones, ROJO
WR: Laundry, Boyd, Davis, Calloway, Dede. Fitz


Nah. Idk what the scoring format is, but I wouldn’t wanna lose Drake relying on the rest of your RBs to add Jeffery.
Plus I think you can survive for a while with the WRs you’ve got. I like Boyd the rest of the way & Corey Davis finally had a breakout game. And I really like Laundry to get in there and clean up for you. Plus after his week 11 bye he should have a fresh scent of legs.

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Would you flip anyone on that team for Jeffery? Or would it be irrelevant cuz I wouldnt start em anyway

I like the trade. I think the other RBs are fine (excluding ROJO lol, but big fan of Jones and Hines) and I’m not the biggest fan of Drake this year sadly. Trying to trade him away myself after that big game!

The league is full PPR. which is a bump for Lindsay and Hines IMO. But also probably Drake

What is the other person’s team looking like? I tend to want to receive an RB back.