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Trade Jeffrey for Baldwin?


Thoughts? My Alshon for his Doug Baldwin? Standard 10 team. What’s the value difference ROS?


yes. every year its always like this. Crappy to meh first half of season , then second have wilson and baldwin produces. Eagles have so many weapons.


Exactly this. Baldwin is a good player who will produce rest of season. I’m not the biggest fan of the schedule but WIlson will be a top tier QB throwing to a top tier receiver rest of year. Jeffery, while good hasn’t consistently been a target for Wentz who prefers Ertz way more. I would make this deal.


He will never accept. But do it if you can.


Almost same targets for the year, Baldwin 74, Jeffery 73. Baldwin has more receptions while Jeffrey has more yards. I’d take Baldwin

Also depends on your team a little. Jeffrey will be more boom bust while baldwin will probably maintain consistency.


Thanks for all the advice, people! I have some hard hitters with McKoy, Elliot, Gronk, and Brees/Smith. I just need some solid consistency @WR since the other two I have are Fitzgerald and Tate.