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Trade JHoward+DT for DJ/Bell?


Hey footclan. I’m in a 0.5 PPR 12 man league and my team consists of:
QB: Andrew Luck
RB: Jordan Howard
RB: Christian McCaffrey
WR: AJ Green
WR: Demaryius Thomas
W/R/T: Allen Robinson
TE: Jimmy Graham
BN: Danny Woodhead, Theo Riddick, Ted Ginn Jr, Jordan Matthews, Donte Moncrief, Carson Palmer

Would I be giving up too much to give away JH+DT for DJ or LevBell?


No way man. That’s a landslide in you’re favor. I don’t believe that’s a very good trade for the other owner.


Here’s some food for thought: David Johnson ran for 6 more TDs (and ran for more yards) than J Howard. And he caught 4 TDs vs D Thomas’ 5 TDs and only 200 TDs less in pass yards So, you have DJ’s 20 TDs vs a total of 11 TDs from JH and DT. And every likelihood that DJ is going to do the same or more per Bruce Arians.

Make the trade.


If the other guy takes it…take it with great joy and laugh in his face!


Lol. Yes of course take it. I can’t believe that’s a legitimate offer though. Stealing candy from a baby…


lolwut. Howard was 2nd in rushing yards last year to only Zeke in his 12 starts… and DJ had 10 more rushing TDs… not 6 Where did you get these stats lol… I’m not saying that changes the value of the trade DJ still worth 2 RB1s… just pointing out that you’re spreading misinformation.


Do that trade.


Sorry for the misinformation. I was reading off some info that was apparently prior to the end of the season, But at least the conclusion is the same.


I actually just offered this trade to the DJ owner in my league to see what he said and he actually seemed more receptive than I thought… I mean he still pretty much told me to fuck off… but he didn’t laugh at me XD


Do it now, if they’ll take it.