Trade John Brown for A.J. Green?

Thinking about offering John Brown for A.J. Green. Might add my Zack Moss for his Nyheim Hines to the deal (he’s also the Singultary owner). What do you think? Fair trade? Or should I aim higher with Brown, considering his production so far?

Fair? Yes

but I wouldn’t do it…as the AJ Green owner I’d rather have John Brown and I think I lean towards Zack Moss over Hines… both of the RBs are somewhat throwaways.

Upon a quick google search…Moss was just ruled out for Sunday with toe issues…so yeah maybe get hines straight up if you can, but I would still keep Brown with the way Josh Stallion is dealing this season.

Well, instead I just traded him straight up for Kareem Hunt. So we’ll see how that goes