Trade: John Brown for LeSean McCoy

Title says it all. .5 PPR. I’m giving up John Brown and receiving Shady. I’m pretty needy at RB.

My other WRs: AJ Green, Keeanan, Doug Baldwin, and Quincy Enunwa

RBs: Mark Ingram, Breida, and Dion Lewis. I’ve also stashed Deonta Foreman preemptively.

Thoughts on the trade?

I would try and give him Baldwin instead of Smokey J. I hate McCoy but you’re pretty needy.

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Yeah. Baldwin for McCoy is a solid one man’s trash is another man’s treasure kind of deal. That’s where I’d lean too

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What about Brown if he won’t take Baldwin?

Only way I move Brown for McCoy is if a solid WR comes back.

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If he won’t take baldwin, you probably have to do Brown.

I think the upside scenario is that Eagles trade for McCoy. There are already rumors about it and when asked, McDermott didn’t deny it.

Given you’re RB scenario, I think you have to take some swings for the fences man. This is one of those scenarios.

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He took Baldwin.

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That was the deal to make. Kudos!