Trade Johnathan Taylor for Deandre Hopkins?

Currently have:
RBs: D Henry, Johnathan Taylor, Kareem Hunt, Ronald Jones.
WRs: Davonte Adams, Mike Evans, John Brown, Mike Williams.

Playing the guy I’m trading with this week. He lost Saquan.

I wouldn’t, based on your balanced (and very nice) roster of 2 RB1s and 2WR1s

Even if you were trading Taylor to get Hopkins as trade bait, it’s unlikely you’d get an RB of higher caliber than Taylor himself.

I’d pass on this and instead shop Hunt+Brown for an upgrade in either category.

Also, there is no benefit in supplying this guy a chance to get a W. Just sayin’

IMHO, I would stay with the team you have. Even though Taylor has massive upside, Nuke is a proven top 5 WR with literally any QB. Now that it is established he and Murray are crushing it together, Hopkins owners will want a kings ransom to give him up.