Trade Jonathan Taylor in Dynasty for a haul?

I was offered Zeke, Jeff Wilson, Elijah Mitchell, Noah Fant, a 2022 first and a 2024 first for Taylor. My rbs are Mixon, Melvin Gordon, Jamaal Williams, McNichols, RoJo, Tony Jones and Trey Sermon. Currently sitting 4th out of 12.

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Interesting offer, but if you want to win this year I don’t think I’d do it. Looks like Zeke might be splitting even more time with Pollard, a 2024 1st won’t help you for a looong time, and 3 SF RBs with only 1 being playable at a given time is a lot to hold on your roster. Depends on roster size and your need at TE as well. But other than the 1sts, you’d much rather have Taylor long term at RB than Zeke, so it’s not even necessarily a good play for the future. I think it’s a fair deal overall though. For context in my 12-team PPR SF dynasty league, JT was just traded for this massive haul:
Team 1 receives Jonathan Taylor
Team 2 receives Kamara, Pitts, 2022 1st, 2022 2nd, 2023 2nd

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You can do that trade.

However, I personally am riding JT until the wheels fall off, especially in dynasty

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Excellent response, pretty much my thoughts exactly. Just making sure I wasn’t crazy rejecting it. Sometimes all the players and picks can be a distraction from team needs. Thanks!

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Do you consider yourself a contender? (4th doesn’t mean much if you have injuries) Or are you rebuilding?

How many teams?

I just took over a team in a superflex league that is mediocre with few draft picks. Taylor is by far my best asset. What would be fair value for him?

12 teams, 0.5ppr, I have the highest points scored but have been unlucky with the points against. I would definitely say I’m a contender. I’ve had a bit of an injury bug with my wr’s but should be good by playoffs.

You could probably get a top tier rb plus plus. If you really want to move him ask for the moon and go from there. I’d go top tier rb on the younger side then maybe a top QB and try to solidify that flex and then go picks or more players. Dynasty?

Thanks for your quick reply. . .

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JTT is gonna win your year potentially and can keep it going for a while. Seek May lose time and Mitchell may not be around in the future. I’m a Niners fine and still wouldn’t want all 3 on my team in a Dynasty.

Haha, perfect explanation. I’m a niners fan too and I totally get it. I’m sticking with JTT for the deep run this year.

Personally, I would never trade a ‘Stud’ for any number of lesser players. When doing multi-players trades like 2 for 1, etc, I prefer to be on side getting the 1 better player.

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Have them replace Zeke with a different player