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Trade Jordan Howard for Amari and some?


Would you trade Jordan Howard for Amari Cooper and Mike Gillislee? I still have Ajayi, Lamar Miller, and Frank Gore as running backs. My QB is Carr so the Cooper/Carr stack could be nice.

Team Now
WR1 Jordy
WR2 Allen Robinson/Crowder
RB1 Ajayi
RB2 Howard
Flex Miller

Potential Team after trade
WR1 Jordy
WR 2Amari
RB1 Ajayi
Flex Robinson/Crowder/Gilly

Thanks for any help in advance!


PPR or standard?


Sorry, standard


My gut tells me to do it. I think cooper will have a big year and Gilly to take on the Blount role (hopefully) could give him massive upside while still having a solid 1 2 punch in miller and ajayi.


I’d definitely shop Howard, but I’d probably ask for more than that. Cooper still isn’t the #1 fantasy receiver in his own team until he proves he is, and I have literally no clue how to value Gilly at this point (and I was driving the hype train a month ago). I do suspect Cooper might ball out this year, but I’m not THAT confident. PPR would make this a lot more appealing.


Yah man, trying to make sense of the NE backfield from a fantasy standpoint is nearly impossible. I was also very high on Gillislee not more than a month ago, but him missing time didn’t help.