Trade Jordan Howard for David Johnson?

Which side would you rather be on?

Damn that’s tough. I guess I’d be on the DJ side though because apparently, based on last week, Howard has the possibility of being phased out of the game plan. That will never happen with DJ as brutal as their offense has been.

Yea but the scoring opportunities for Dj are not gonna be there, whereas the Bears have a great defense and will need to run the clock down often. I also own Tarik Cohen so even if it becomes a Kamara/Ingram situation I’m covered . Jordan Howard is an elite rb, I don’t think they phase him out, DJ is also elite, but just look at what that offense has done to Fitzgerald who’s finished as a top 10 wr every season until now

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This position is for the flex btw, so it’s either Jordan Howard or David Johnson in the flex . Rb1: Alvin Kamara Rb2: Melvin Gordon

Dj has barely a y rushing yardage and was gifted both those tds last week

Hahs damn, stacked at RB. I see your points on DJ, it’s been pretty ugly for sure, I just think he’s the better all around back and will have more opportunities. I’m a huge Jordan Howard fan but I don’t think elite is a word I’d use to describe him.

As a Howard owner that’s tempting. I’m inclined to do it but it’s still early for the Bears and I believe the gamescripts will favor Howard. But DJ is the Cardinals whole offense, similar to what Barkley is in NY, but not quite because DJ doesn’t have an OBJ to stretch the field. It’s tough but I think the right thing to do is hold Howard…

DJ forsure for me

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I was blown away for a minute reading people’s thoughts on this before I Realized this was a year old thread.

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That’s hilarious… Me too

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