TRADE.... Jordan Howard for my Tyreek Hill

Hey Footclan,
i have Freeman, Murray, CJ Anderson, Abdullah Mc Fadden as my RB and they are all struggling in the last weeks…
The Jordan Howard Owner needs WR so i am thinking about offering Tyreek Hill and maybe CJ or Abdullah.
My other WR are: Michael Thomas, Hopkins, Funchess…

10 Team League, Standard Scoring, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex

Would you offer Hill for Howard ?

Thanks and bonjour from Austria


I would. Hill is very big play reliant and is coming off a nice week. I think you get the better end of the trade. I would offer Hill and Anderson, just ot get rid of Anderson and you can pick someone else up

yes… abort abort abandon ship on all Denver RB’s

Yea, I’d be fine doing that trade.

Thanks guys, the trade went well and i got jordan howard for hill and cj !

Chris Hogan is on our waiver, and I think about picking him up… are the any news how long he will be out?

Not that I’ve heard, but I’d definitely do that, unless you reeeaaally need the roster slot, or are just stacked all the way through your roster.

Maybe take a stab at Corey Coleman or Josh Gordon?

Also, maybe snag Terrance Williams or Cole Beasley? Bryant sprained his ankle. not sure how bad but may be worth a grab.

I am pretty stacked at WR with M Thomas, Hopkins and Funchess, so I think i will go after Hogan…

Thanks your your help!!!