Trade Jordan Howard for Russell Wilson or Deshawn Watson

I currently have Ezekiel Elliott, Jordan Howard, Kareem Hunt, and Mark Ingram as RBs. Keenan Allen and Chris Hogan as WR, Phillip Rivers as QB. During the week 9 byes, I will lose both WR, QB and maybe Zeke. Should I trade Jordan Howard for Russell Wilson or Deshawn Watson? On my bench I have Evan Engram, Rob Kelley, Corey Davis and Alfred Morris. help!

Howard is worth more than any of those QBs. Can you get a WR with one them? If it’s a studly WR I might do it.


How big is this league? I would feel like there would be a streamable QB esp with bad seasons with Dalton and Stafford and them coming off of their bye. As for the trade of Jordan Howard for Wilson or Watson, I have more value for RBs of that caliber than QBs so it would be hard for me to do that, although your RB situation allows you to consider that. Just keep in mind that Zeke may have his last week this week.

Either way, Howard is better than those QBs and I would try to do a package deal for a WR and QB if you’re looking to ship him


What do you think of a package with Howard and Keenan allen for deshawn Watson and Michael Crabtree (or amari cooper)

Nooooooo to that last comment with the package trade.
Keenan>Crabby/Cooper, and also Howard is worth way more than Watson.
Go take one of your workhorse backs and get a true stud WR on your team (not a bust more than boom player like Cooper). I’d try to flip Howard for Michael Thomas maybe? (Just spit balling, I’m high on him because of that juicy playoff schedule). The MT owner has to be a bit dissappointed from the past 2 weeks.

Look around to see who needs a running back (and considering you’ve got all those work horses, someone’s got to be hurting at the position), then see what you can get out of them in terms of a RECIEVER!

Rivers is good enough, and the difference between streaming and having a Watson is way less than the difference between starting Hogan and Michael Thomas every week.


i agree with everything nicholas just said, you need a stud receiver and if you need a qb that badly then get it in a package for one of your stud backs. Dont panic about streaming qbs especially with a community like this and the ballers podcast. It can be done!

As for M.thomas his playoff schedule couldnt get any better and you may be able to buy him low but definitely look and talk around to other teams that are in need of a bell cow. you have 4 and a capable fat rob whos the starter and could fill in on a bad week


Thanks for the advice. I agree on shooting for a stud receiver. But was wondering on your thoughts of Howard vs Ingram, who should I try and trade? Also should I go for Thomas, Hopkins, Julio, Baldwin, Dez, or AJ Green?

All of them :+1: in separate trade offers.

I would vote hopkins if you really wanted to. watson has the offense on fire right now and the bye week probably helped them gain even more confidence in one another. I also like the julio trade because it seems like the falcons oc finally realized they should throw julio the ball in the redzone.

yeah i would go for any of them really. theyd all be an upgrade at the right price.