Trade Jordy Nelson

Should I try to trade jordy nelson for a higher end wr like julio jones or aj green? I was thinking I could package jordy with tarik cohen and throw out some offers. Do you guys think this is a good idea and if so what receivers should I try to trade for?

Either one I would do that. Esp if your not relying on Tarik Cohen. He’s lucky he got the passing touchdown. You going to make the playoffs? Check out Julio’s playoff schedule. Already has a bye week also.

(Would love some help with bell/Henry for Hyde/cooks trade if you have a second to look it over thanks)

I don’t think I’d take that if I were the AJ Green owner, but the Julio owner might. Depends on rosters as well

Yeah i’m looking to trade tarik as well so I thought i might be able to throw him in off of name value. Appreciate your input. Yeah I can look over the trade, is it straight up bell and henry for hyde and cooks? If thats the full trade I would definitely 100% rather have the bell side, no question.

I tried and couldn’t find anyone who would take Cohen in a trade, but when I dropped him there were 3 or 4 waiver claims immediately, so you might be able to get something out of him still. And I agree, definitely take the Bell side of that trade.

Yes that straight up. He also has Zeke. He took bell 1st over all so he might note me take it as he told me he still believes in martavis. What if it was Zeke and Henry for Hyde and cooks? I only have Alfred Morris as of now.

Yeah ive been shopping cohen for the last week and nobody is biting. I just don’t wanna drop him because I’m positive people will grab him off waivers immediately

If it were zeke and henry for hyde and cooks that is much more intriguing. I would rather have the hyde and cooks side of that trade because of zekes legal issues