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Trade jordy?


Hey guys!

I was just offered dez bryant and Abdullah for jordy. What do you guys think I should do?



I think that’s a fair trade. Dez’s schedule is a lot easier from here on in.


We had Jordy + 6 for Julio + 2 recently


I wouldnt… I’ll never understand what people dislike so much about consistent 15-25 points literally every week… he’ll it’s not even like Dez has the crazy weekly upside to balance out Jordys consistency… now if you’re super weak at RB and stacked at WR I’d be more tempted but if that were the case I’d be pushing for a stud RB straight up for Jordy


yea depending on what you RB’s are I would stay with Jordy. He has been very consistent this seasons so far…

help with mine, please…


That’s tough… standard or PPR? I think I’d rank it Parker>Dola>Duke regardless but if it’s standard I’d lean even more towards parker… Jets D have shown some signs of not being total trash and the game just has the lowest projected total… TEN is just giving massive numbers to WRs and I could see Parker having an absolute monster game… Dola has enough volume to be a safe play he just lacks a lot of TD upside… I only rank him ahead of Duke because that game has a huge implied total and could turn into a monster shootout. My 2cents.