Trade Josh Allen?

Josh Allen, Joe Mixon and Thielen for Kamara and either Devonta smith, claypool, or Pittman.

The team I’m trading just lost Russell Wilson.

Too much. Whose your back-up?

Nobody. Was just gonna stream someone. What would you offer?

I would advise again replacing the ROS #1 / #2 QB for a streamer.

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Who on his team do you want? Right now you have arguably the best QB in the league.

The guy who lost Russ is on his back foot. If he wants Allen he needs to trade big to get him. You shouldn’t be losing him and mixon or thielen. if you did want to include these guys you should expect even more back than low end upside.

If you want to go through with the trade I would stick with Josh Allen for multiple peices on his roster. You need to come out on top in a few other positions in order to stream comfortably at qb and generate Ws. More waivers are going to get picked over with byes starting up.

Was really wanting Kamara for the most part. I feel like I’m pretty thin at WR but I felt like if I could upgrade from Mixon to Kamara and then just rotate WR’s I’d be ok.