Trade Josh Gordon and Michel for Cooks?

Right now I have Sony as my flex in most cases. If I could upgrade to a high end wideout before playoffs, would you?

I currently have Cam, A Jones, Kamara, Julio, AB, and Michel/Josh Gordon at my flex. I have basically no depth left because I’ve been turning into the best possible lineup. My only concern would be losing Kamara and not having another solid rb (I have Williams in case Jones goes down although I know production would take a hit). Is it worth the gamble to try to turn Michel and Josh Gordon into someone like Adams, OBJ, or someone similar (if it’s possible)?

There’s an owner in my league tilting on his 3 wideouts (Hopkins, OBJ, and Adams) because of his backs underperforming. He’s been starting Collins/Howard/Cook.

It’s a standard scoring league, so maybe Sony in the flex holds more value anyway based off of his TD upside.

Keenan Allen could also be a target here. I was discussing it with the owner last week but I hesitated. Maybe even Cooks or Juju. All of the higher end RBs are pretty much locked onto contenders teams at this point.


Tis the season to combine players that confuse you weekly as to who to play for a single set and forget player you love seeing in your lineup. I’ve been comboing depth players with a single decent starter for elites for the past three weeks. Now I have a starting unit I believe can win the league without much depth. All chips in on the starting lineup, a couple of bench pieces, an extra QB and two nice defenses is how I’m structured for the playoffs.

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Yeah that’s been my philosophy as well. That’s how I ended up with Julio and Kamara. I guess I’m just torn on the value of michel. At what point do I draw the line for that combo? Is Cooks a good target or should i go higher like Keenan, or Adams or OBJ?


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Yeah I agree with that ranking. I was more so saying like would you do michel and gordon for cooks? Or only one of those top two?

I’d try the first two first and if landed on Cooks, yeah, I’d pull the trigger. Wouldn’t do that trade for Allen tho. That’s just me.

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Cool, I was thinking the same minus Allen. Other people on here have been high on him so it had me thinking about him.

One more option - would you take a shot on AJ with this combo? The foot injury makes me a little nervous, but he could absolutely win me my league if he comes back the way he’s been playing.

That’s a tough one. If you feel that strongly that he could be a “league winner”, then yes i would. Those are the guys that I’m paying up for this time of year. We each have our own perception as to who holds that kind of value, and any given one of us can be right or wrong. As for me personally, I’d place him fourth on the list between Cooks and Allen. I’d shoot for the top three before making the trade. But again, that’s my own perception that can be flawed.

If you want to know who my ultimate league winning WR is and someone i really paid up for, its Michael Thomas. His schedule is just a thing of beauty, he has a great QB, a coach that never lets off the gas, and is a supreme talent. I think he will be the WR1 of the NFL down the stretch.

Yeah, I should say he has the potential to be a league winner. Not speak so absolutely about it. That’s good feedback though. I really like Cooks, it’s just that he’s on a bye this week and I’m playing the guy I’d be trading if I made that trade. I’d have to count on Larry Fitz as a flex one more time before having my final lineup.

I agree on MT. I missed my window on him. I was a bit skeptical of him with his 4 and 5 target games back to back. He’s currently on another contenders roster and he hasn’t been willing to trade with me since about 2 weeks ago because of the likelihood of us running into each other in the playoffs. I’ve only got 3 or 4 teams that would be willing to trade and the guys I mentioned are on their rosters… Would absolutely agree with MT. Wish I could have gotten him alongside AB and Julio.

Are you in the playoffs or still trying to clinch a spot?

Our race is tight. I’m 8-3 as well as another team and 3 teams are 7-4. I should make it, though. Only way I’d have a chance of missing is if I lost out. And I’m playing the guy with MT week 13 so that one could very well be a loss. This week’s opponent’s team is pretty mediocre, but I’m worried about giving him high upside players in Gordon and Michel. He’s also got Juju, but I like Cooks a bit more.

So with the OJ news I’m revisiting this. AJ owner also has Gronk… I could send Michel, Doyle, and Josh Gordon for the two of them.

My league is kinda whiny about trades sometimes though so this doesn’t look that lopsided does it? Not with how bad / injured Gronk has been. It’s a gamble for sure, but maybe it pays off. What do you think?

I know we both have the best possible lineup mentality so this feels like it could win it.

Do it. If you can make that happen do it man. Even if you have to throw in a fourth decent bench piece.

Is that super lopsided? I could throw Larry Fitz in there too and have 0 bench pieces moving forward.

Anything decent on the waiver? Obviously try without it, but if that’s what it requires then it is a moment of need with the OJ news.

Yeah, Baldwin, DJ Moore, E McGuire, Edwards. I’m just worried about my league thinking it’s lopsided due to the name value of Gronk still. I’m gonna throw it out there and see what happens.

Do it if you can with them jokers on waiver.