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Trade Josh Gordon and Michel for Cooks?


Thank god I didn’t make this trade. I got cold feet and changed my mind before accepting it.


I traded Michel/Gordon for JuJu to solidify my two WRs. But I only pulled the trigger on that because I had good depth at RB.

I didn’t read through this whole thread but I’d be willing to pull the trigger for Cooks.


If i gave you misplaced advice, my apology. Hate when that happens on here but the alternative is to read only, which if everyone did, nothing would be said. I’m an ex football player, short while in college, so it’s hard for me not to express my opinions.


No no, I was just expressing my elation. Fantasy Football is nothing but a gamble at times. I don’t fault you for saying to do it, I was going to do it myself.

Sorry if it sounded as if I was bashing your opinion.


I appreciate the input, but my trade deadline has passed and I decided to keep michel and Gordon and Michel has been my flex now. I was worried about my rb depth so I was having a hard time going through with a trade that resulted in a wr back in return.


Not at all. Just read through the thread and realized i was the strongest voice favoring the trade.


All of the other trades would have been solid. But you were skeptical with AJ. You were hesitant and I was more for it. With him on IR I would have been crushed.


Oh yeah. I’ve never been too huge on AJ. Not the past couple of years anyway and can’t foresee it in the future.


No problem man, you could’ve done worse than holding onto Michel/Gordon to flex.