Trade Josh Jacobs and MVS for Davante Adams?

0.5 PPR 12 man KEEPER league (keep 3 players for a slight increase on draft price)
Jacobs - $25 / Adams - $56
What’s your guys opinion, should I do it? Thanks for the help!

My running back depth is solid:

My receiving core is not (lost AB):
John Brown
Robby Andersen

Just based on your WR depth i think it’s a smart move for you. If you had at least a true WR1/2 i’d say hold off because MVS is having a pretty great start to the season, but Adams has to get it going, Rodgers said it himself that he needs to get him more targets.

I agree. I’m trying to get him to take Mixon instead because it’s a keeper league and I think Jacobs is great long term. But if he doesn’t, I’ll probably accept.