Trade Josh Jacobs for Jame Robinson?

Just need help with this trade. Is it a good idea? Full PPR.

Depends on who your other RBs are… I’m a Jacobs owner and this point, I would do it myself lol

Myles Gaskin and David Montgomery are the other RBs I have.

I feel like w/Jacobs you’ll have boom & bust weeks where Robinson has been WAY more consistent. I would do it. Which sounds crazy to hear if you heard this at the start of the season.

Do it, but see if you can scam a bit more based on name value alone.

“Omg bro I’m trading you JOSH FREAKIN JACOBS, lemme get a WR3 on the side with Robinson.”

If you guys have time to check out my trade help def would appreciate it! It’s also a JJ dilemma lol

Trade ended up being JJ and Alshon Jeffery for Kupp and James Robinson. My other WRs are Golladay, Thomas, Mclaurin and Fuller.