Trade Josh Jacobs for WR1 help? 12 man PPR

Who is a realistic target for Josh Jacobs? I generally prefer RBs to WR, but I need a WR1.

Tyreek? Golladay + a piece?

Current Roster:


Dalvin, Jacobs, Carson, Gibson, Perine, Mattison, Coleman

Woods, Fuller, Chark, Deebo, Aiyuk


I’d be targeting Golladay + a WR3 in exchange for Jacobs. I’d probably try to wait until after this week to do it though. Carson is banged up. Gibson is on bye. Perine isn’t trustworthy again the Chiefs. I’m not playing Mattison along with Dalvin. And I’m not taking a chance on Coleman to start this week. I know you’re in WR hell right now. Chark and Fuller on bye. Deebo banged up. Aiyuk is a flex play. If you have to do it this week, try like hell to get a starting RB3 along with Golladay in the deal.

Thanks for the quick response. I agree with your thoughts. The issue is, I already have to flex Perine this week :sweat_smile: :expressionless:

Well, consider making the trade now. Start Perine as RB2, unless you get an upgrade at RB in return. Start Golladay, Woods and Aiyuk at WR and flex out the extra piece of the trade.

I think you can definitely get Golladay and a lesser WR or RB. I think you should also try packaging Jacobs with Woods to get an even better deal. Want to get out of the Rams passing game rn.