Trade juju and freeman?

Would you trade juju and freeman for golladay and Coleman - or Gallup and Coleman ppr league

My current team

Qb - rivers Brees allen
Wr- juju Jeffrey Gordon Watkins
Rb- mcaffery mgordon ekeler Freeman rjones

Yes mostly because of the bye week issue. Plus, even in a committee, Coleman looks to be a better runner than Freeman. Kenny G also has his starting QB and they are all healthy!

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Prefer Kenny g or Gallup in that trade?

Anyone thoughts on better WAr to take here?

Yeah I would make that trade

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Yes I would take that deal. I would prefer Gallup but I think both are an upgrade over JuJu at this point.

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Take. This. Trade. Unfortunately, it’s time to jump ship on JuJu.

Gallup over golladay?

@Khous they’re probably about the same value. Golladay might have the slight edge because the Lions are usually down and throwing the ball whereas the Cowboys feed the RB to preserve leads more often. However, Gallup has an easier schedule ROS.

I’d take Golladay over Gallup but I would be perfectly happy with either.

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Gallup is the number 2, gets weaker coverage, and is a beast for a QB in a contract year. Give me that WR all day!