Trade juju trade help

So I am in a 10 team 1/2 ppr 2 QB dynasty team
I have a trade offer for juju which enlists of brees, guice, marvin Jones, and the 1.09
I don’t know what to do cause I love juju. But I am kinda in a rebuilding year.
WR: juju, C. Beasley, Q. Enuwa, M. Goodwin, D. Hamilton, M. Harris, G. Allison, M. Lee, P. Richardson
RB: K. Hunt, A. Jones, P. Lindsay, D. Williams, I, Crowell, A. Ekeler
QB: L. Jackson, M. Stafford, J. Brissett, R. Tannehill

If you are rebuilding you can do better then what is offered… you should be pulling multiple 1st and young guys not older guys like jones/brees…

JuJu is also a great player to start a rebuild around he is 22