Trade Julio/Chark for Thielen/Coleman

I have Julio and Chark, other WR’s include Woods and a bunch of random dudes (marvin jones, sanu etc’)
I have Kerryon and Chubb as RB’s (with Chubb on a bye)
This is a 0.5 PPR league

Was wondering the take on this - Julio and Chark are the WR7&5
Thielen is WR9 and Coleman just got back so it’s not relevant.

What do you guys think?

That’s tough. I think you’re situation is safer, but coleman/thielen have the higher ceiling. Depends on your risk level. If you’re doing bad so far, roll the dice!

I’m currently 2-4 in my league.
My RB’s are rather safe (until Hunt comes back, which is next week?) so maybe it’s time for a change of scenery?

My team is:
QB: Dak
RB’s: Chubb, Kerryon, Adrian Peterson, Malcolm Brown
WR’s: Julio, Chark, Woods, Marvin Jones, Sanu, Josh Gordon, Mike Williams
TE: Will Disley (trying to pick up a replacement)
Def: Philly (streamer, didn’t work this week)

if possible I would throw gordon/marvin/sanu in over chark, (if they would go for it) I get the feeling of changing scenery. I just personally don’t trust coleman, as breida is still a good RB…