Trade Julio for Keenan Allen & Marlon Mack

I’ve been hit with some tough injuries and my team is losing. A top team wants Julio in a 2 for 1 trade. My bench has Fournette and Cook and a huge pile of hope. Do I trade?

What’s the rest of your team look like?

Woods, Landry, Boyd, DJ Moore as wide outs and D. Johnson, Chubb, Barber, Cook, Fournette as running backs.

Duke or David Johnson?

I think you need to make this trade, Keenan I think will turn it around and Marlon Mack will be an upgrade in your running back position

Cook and Fournette are killing you. But both are expected to return soon. I think Julio will get his TD’s soon and has been consistently raking in receptions and yards. I have him myself and just traded Murray for Keenan (hoping for a 2nd half like last year). What’s your record? Could you survive the next couple of weeks until Cook and Fournette return?

David Johnson

It’s been a tough year as you tell by my team. I also had Lynch and Ajayi at one point but traded the later for Cook. I only have 2 wins but also just 2 games out of the playoffs.

Yea, you need to make the move, need wins now. Good luck!