Trade Julio in Dynasty?

Would you trade Julio Jones for Jordan Love and a first round draft pick in next year’s rookie only draft?

I have Aaron Rodgers, Julio is getting up there in age and I honestly feel like Ridley is the number 1 in Atlanta now. Plus he’s been pretty injury prone the last season or two.

I’m definitely trying to trade him for youth, but is this a fair trade or should I be asking for more in return?

SF or single QB and which first round pick? Who are your other WRs? If you’re a win now team, I would reconsider trading Julio but that depends a lot on who you’re other WRs are. You are either winning or rebuilding in dynasty. And I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to get Love mid season.

Great questions. 10 team. PPR. Superflex league. Other receivers are woof…Keenan Allen, Brandon Cooks, Jarvis Landry, Hollywood, Jeudy and Agholar. It’s really the weakest position on the team.

The pick next year is dependent on where the guy I’d be trading with finishes this year.

Im honestly stuck in the middle. Finished second two years ago. Finished fourth last year. We have Julio and Aaron Rodgers and are trying to decide if i should try and win now, or capitalize on Julio and Rodgers’ high trade value now and rebuild for the future. I just think Julio is on the decline. And Rodgers is most likely at his ceiling after winning MVP.

I just don’t usually trade players for draft picks so I wasn’t sure if a next year first round rookie pick would be too low for Julio.

Any advice is welcome.

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Gotcha, I thought you were meaning this year rookie pick. Wait a couple weeks into the season. Let Julio prove he has some value and then when you go to trade, target a team that looks like they may finish near the bottom of the league. Around week three is the easiest time to trade for picks. Now one cares for them around that time. Your current WRs aren’t terrible but if you could try and pair Julio with Hollywood or landry to get a young WR with WR1 upside and the first round pick. Do it.
Rodgers’ value is probably at its peak but he still has 2-4 good years left. I wouldn’t trade him for picks. There’s no big name QBs that I see coming up except for Sam Howell. But he’s no future Rodgers. If you want to start a rebuild, try and trade him for Burrow or maybe Lance+ WR youth. Add Cooks to the trade and target a team weak at WR.
And again about Love, if you want to try and lock up the GB QB, he should be easy to get mid season.