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Trade Julio Jones for CMC PPR?


Thoughts on this trade? Included my team.


nah - losing julio hurts your wr’s a lot more than acquiring cmc would improve your already strong rb’s. and you have gio so you don’t have to worry about mixon’s health. i’d stick with the team you have right now, which looks like a legitimate championship contender to me. esp with all your bench talent, which will give you a chance to significantly upgrade 1 or 2 more of your starting line up in a trade at some point. need a more reliable WR3 and a high upside rb that could step in if michel doesn’t stay consistent or breida gets hurt. anyway, yeah, i wouldn’t take this trade.


If this offer s on the table, take it and run. CMC > JJ by a wide margin, especially in a full PPR.


I disagree with you there, he still has Michael Thomas who is arguably the best WR in the entire league right now with Drew Brees. Sterling Shepard has been playing well too.

If he gets CMC, he’s significantly boosting points potential week in week out, you pair up Sony Michel and CMC and you’ve got 2 solid RBs you can rely on.


idk. so you think the difference between Julio and sterling is smaller than the difference between CMC and Sony/Mixon is? I just feel the Julio loss will hurt more than the CMC add will help when it’s all said and done. That being said, RB’s are in shorter supply than WR’s as we all know, so maybe I’m not factoring that in enough.


What? The trade is JJ for CMC straight up. Not JJ and Michel/Mixon for CMC. Your question here is irrelevant. If he trades JJ for CMC, he moves SS into his WR3 spot, CMC into his RB1, MIxon at RB2 and can play Michel in his flex where he currently has breida. So the question is would you rather play JJ/Breida or CMC/Michel. What you said is not the right scenario.

Also, workhorse RBs are in super limited supply. Any team that has one, has a pretty big advantage. There are only 5 workhorse RBs in the entire league right now with Bell out: Gurley, CMC, Zeke, Gordon, Barkley. Not counting DJ cause his team sucks and not counting Kamara as a workhorse even though he is an absolute stud.


Wow, this is close. There are things to consider like yardage, both are getting lots of yards. TD potential, neither are scoring much. Julio because… well who knows why. And CMC because Newton usually just runs them in himself. I think both players have a pretty safe floor and monster upside, and in a straight up trade are pretty even.

So it comes down to which makes your team better? Also I always like to ask myself, what would my team look like if the top guy at RB or WR got injured and missed the rest of the year. If that happens at either position right now you would probably still be okay. Your running backs aren’t quite as flashy as CMC, but they are getting the job done, and if one goes down you don’t look a lot worse. If Thomas or Jones go down, you have the other to fall back on and some solid WR2 and WR3’s to play.

Now what would your team look like if you made the trade? You would be solid as RB, but what happens if Michael Thomas goes down after you trade Julio away? Your trying to start Sanders, Sheppard, Lockett, and Mike Williams? Personally I wouldn’t like that. I would much rather have Julio to fall back on. Again, thats just how I look at things and play. Some don’t do it that way and that’s fine. Just ask yourself what you can live with.


Keep your team the way it is. Your running backs are solid right now and you can plug and play from the bench. You are losing more potential points at wr slot than you are gaining at rb slot with mcc in my opinion


You realize there’s a flex spot right? So what you’re saying is you would rather play JJ + Breida than CMC + Michel.


Lol yeh apparently your not understanding what I’m trying throw down. They have to put someone in the wideout spot… who’s that going to be week in and week out. They have many solid rbs to choose from


Hence the loss in points at wr slot compared to gain in flex in my opinion over the duration of the season


Locket/Williams/SS is a more than serviceable rotation for a WR3 slot when he has MT and Sanders.

Basically what I’m saying is give me:

MT+Sanders + SS/Williams/Lockett + CMC + Mixon + Michel


JJ/MT/Sanders + Mixon/Michel/Breida

it’s close, not saying it’s a blow out by any means but I would personally take the latter as I think it offers more stability week to week. Might concede a bit of ceiling to do so.


Your losing high end wr1 and replacing it with a high wr3 in sheperd or Williams, locket while gaining a higher rb2/low end 1 for an rb2 breida jn the flex, breida ,Dion Lewis, McCoy will be plug n play flex depending on match, easier to predict week in and week out clmpared to trying to plug in sheperd, locket, or Williams week in and week out at wr2 slot in my opinion


Lets compare all the options that are actually changing.

WR2: Julio Jones*---------------WR2: Sanders
WR3: Sanders------…or…------WR3: Sterling Sheppard (Other)*
RB1: Mixon-----------------------RB1: CMC*
RB2: Sony Michel---------------RB1: Mixon
Flex: Breida*---------------------Flex: Sony Michel

So look at the pieces that are changing. (Shown with a *)

Is the point differential between Julio Jones + Matt Breida > CMC + Sterling Sheppard?

I don’t think it is, so you are losing you’re WR depth for a sideways trade. That’s why I personally wouldn’t do it. @brian_mccarthy I think that’s the point you were trying to make, right?


On a standalone basis, i agree those 3 are all WR3s rest of season. I think where we differ is I think you can construct a WR2 season by choosing who to play based on match-ups on a week to week basis.

Little bit diff in here too. I think Michel is actually an RB1 ROS. Lower half but RB1 none the less. I don’t think you get the same safety net by combining breida/lewis/Mccoy. McCoy honestly is droppable at this point. His schedule is awful and his team sucks and he’s not getting nearly enough usage or stats to be even start worth. Lewis I like as a player but hate the team and offense being run. Don’t think anyone on that offense is worth playing outside of Davis. And Breida is just over hyped. He’ll have a couple good games but then just totally bust and trying to predict which is going to be pretty challenging. Last game i would’ve imagined he have a good game and he did absolutely nothing.

And the one thing you’re leaving out of all of this is the floor that is provided by the combo of CMC + Mixon + Michel as starting RBs. In a full PPR format, I think CMC is a lock for top 4 RB with a weekly floor that is only matched by gurley/gordon/zeke/kamara.


This is true. You can make it work. You will trade out playing match-ups with RB’s, to playing match-ups with WR’s. Look at the match-ups for the players involved and make the best decision.


These are great points. Which makes this trade pretty intriguing. Gotta go with your gut I guess. I’m curious as to who is on the other roster for this trade


Appreciate all of the feedback and support!

Below is his team:


Honestly I’m surprised he is offering his only running back until Fournette comes back, which might linger the rest of the season. He’s obviously have trouble this year so far… this actually hurts his team and yours I believe long term.


Same. I am shocked he’s willing to trade away CMC for JJ. I’m guessing he’s some kind of Falcons Homer who wants the Ryan JJ stack. Which honestly, isn’t even that good considering JJ doesn’t score as many TDs.