So the trade is:
Julio Jones, Jimmy Graham, Will Fuller for Leveon Bell (or Todd Gurley) and Carson Wentz

This is what is my team in a half ppr league
1 QB | 2 WR | 2 RB | 1 TE | 1 Flex
QB: Carson Palmer (out)
WRs: Julio Jones, Michael Crabtree, Jarvis Landry, Will Fuller
RBs: Jerick McKinnon, Christian McCaffrey, Demarco Murray, Christian Thompson, Alvin Kamara, Aaron Jones
TEs: Jimmy Graham, Zach Miller
FLEX:??? (Whoever has the best matchup above)
(My Kicker is Matt Bryant and My Defense is Pittsburgh)

They are stacked with RBs so they dont want any of mine. They need a WR and TE and only want Jimmy. IS THIS A WISE TRADE?

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I would take the trade but keep fuller out of it and definitely definitely definitely get leveon bell over Todd Gurley if you are to make this trade. Wentz significantly solidifies your QB situation and having Lev Bell to your RB slot is like having 2 players in one. It’ll definitely hurt your WRs but if you can hang onto fuller and start Crabtree and fuller your starting lineup looks pretty good. You can stream tight ends and see if ASJ is available as he would be a great pickup. But like I said hold your ground and keep fuller out and you get a steal by getting the best fantasy player in the game in leveon bell and sure up your QB problems with Wentz. Just my opinion though


Thanks for the advice 7milestyle!

Should I offer Landry instead of Fuller if that means that he’ll give me Gurley instead of Bell?

In terms of TE ASJ is taken but Witten, OJ Howard, Njoku, Kroft, and George Kittle are left. any specific order?

You need to get Bell in this deal in my opinion. He is the deal. If it comes to it you can give fuller but it would be much sweeter if he didn’t need to be included as he has a very nice rapport with Watson. Either way anytime you get Leveon bell it’s a good day lol. In terms of those TEs it’s really a crapshoot as any could go off any week. I think Witten probably has the safest floor and Howard has probably the largest ceiling


Got it. Hopefully it goes through. Thanks 7milestyle!!!

Nice job you got a steal on Wentz too! He’s the real deal. Best of luck rest of season my friend!

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Hey I know you already decided on what to do, but I’m just gonna throw out my two cents on this anyway haha. Top teir RBs > top teir recievers always. If I were you, I’d make this happen to get Bell then aggressively try trading a package for a stud WR (Baldwin owners dissappointed other than last week, knock on the door of the AJG owner since he had a bad game). Hound the waiver wire for TEs but try to send away a RB for a stud reciever without a doubt.

This is all if your trade goes through of course

Great advice, if you had to choose two or three RBs to package out of : Jerick McKinnon, Christian McCaffrey, Demarco Murray, Christian Thompson, Alvin Kamara, Aaron Jones

Who would you package?

Specifically thinking opportunity but also strength of schedule?

Pick your poison man. Lev Bell is an every week starter and you basically need one more RB (plus another to play another one in the flex).

I’d try to trade away whichever backs had the best games to try to get the most value out of the trade. Hell even put the ball in their court, tell the owner to pick any 2 RBs on your team for their AJG or something. Another option (if you want to get a damn monopoly on the league and put yourself in great shape) is to target an owner with a stud RB that needs depth. For example take 2 of your backs and turn them into a Shady Freeman or Hunt.

The possibilities are endless man. I’d target WRs first but keep your eye out for a team you might be able to take ANOTHER stud RB from (sorry, just the thought of starting Bell and Shady on the same team gives me chills). Whatever path you decide to take, just make sure you try to turn some of your depth into start-every-week studs.

Best of luck man

Oh wait one last idea! If the Zeke owner is worried about the suspension, I’d TOTALLY take the shot at giving him a 1 for 1 trade, someone who isnt as good (but doesnt have the chance of being suspended). You have the depth to afford losing Zeke for 6 weeks, and if he doesnt get suspended- then congrats! You probably just won your league because your running backs are Lev Bell and Zeke lol. Sorry for getting carried away, running back depth just gets my blood pumpin’.

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I thought about it but this guy just gave up AJ Green and Mark Ingram for Zeke and Matt Stafford (WAAAAY TOO RICH FOR MY BLOOD) so I dont think hell go for a trade after giving up so much.

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Yup. WAAAAAAAAY too much for that lol. I’d take a look at your league and see who needs help at RB first, THEN see what you could squeeze out of them I guess haha