Trade Julio?

This is a Dynasty League - Julio was the cornerstone. But lucked out and picked up DJ on waivers the first season.

I’m strong at WR. Julio, Dez Bryant, Amari Cooper, and Marvin Jones.

So here’s the question ballers - should I pursue another starting RB (like Zeke or Fournette, maybe Dalvin coom) for Julio?

My remaining RBs are Tevin Coleman, John Stewart, Derrick henry, Perone, Jamaal Charles and Alvin Kamara. Lots to like for next year but nothing this year.

Thinking long term as much as anything. Next year rolling out DJ and Zeke every week sounds amazing. With dez and Cooper at WR. Tevin coleman at flex.


I’d probably try to get away with offering Dez for Zeke first but ultimately, I like Julio for Zeke. Go for it.