Trade Julio

I am a Julio Jones owner, and am 0-4. Does it make sense to trade him? Not on tilt but considering trading him for someone to start this week. Who would I be able to get. Full ppr, have Diggs, Tate, Crabtree, Marquis Lee, Rishard Matthews other wrs. D Murray Gore Howard are rbs

Is it a keeper league?

Yes it is. Will keep 3 players

How many teams in the league and how many make the playoffs? Basically I’m wondering if you try and salvage this season that it may not work and then you’d have traded away your best keeper.

10 team league, 4 make playoffs. I thought I could possibly target Odell, or a similar younger stud. Maybe evans

I doubt those owners would take Julio in a so far down year as opposed to OBJ or Evans who have had decent years so far. If I were 0-4 and a long shot to make the playoffs, I’d start packaging players to get 3 good to elite keepers for next year. You have Julio as 1 elite keeper, Diggs for #2 if you think he’s legit and I think you have the pieces to get another elite keeper for next season.

Appreciate the advice. Last year 8-5 was last playoff team. Long shot certainly for playoffs. Will explore adding guys with future upside

I’m in 10 team and we have 6 in playoffs so every year 6-7 squeaks in & has won it 3 years running…so annoying since I’ve won my division 2 of the last 3 years an get bounced after the bye week. Not that you can’t turn it around but I wouldn’t gamble for this year since the odds aren’t in your favor unless you want to wait to see how this week plays out. 0-5 is definite sell, 1-4 maybe you press your luck another week.