Trade Kamara for (2) RB's

Would you trade away Kamara for Austin Ekeler & Derrell Henderson?

14TM PPR (1)Flex (2)RB (2)WR

My team:
N Hines
L Murray
T Jones

J Jefferson
A Robinson
J Jones
C Davis
M Callaway

TJ Hockenson

Its not an awful move for you with such little RB depth but personally id try to move gaskin and a WR if you could get anyone to bite on that instead.

A rob or Julio and Gaskin could probably still get you an upgrade and keep Kamara on that roster


I would keep Kamara or try to get another piece in that trade situation. Top 2 player in fantasy vs having 2 top 24 RBs is not worth the trade off in my opinion.

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That is not enough for Kamara. Go after Henry or Zeke who started poor. Then add an WR2 or RB3 with upside. That is the minimum.


Thank you!

I think I’d stay put. I’d rather shoot my shot on Kamara remaining a top-5 guy than bank on Ekeler playing a full slate or Henderson being the bell cow all year.

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