Trade Kamara for Evans, Fournette, & Michel - 1/2 point ppr

Hello Footclan!

I was recently approached with an offer of Evans, Fournette, and Michel for Kamara. The league is a 12 man, 1/2 pt ppr. My RBs consist of Kamara, Aaron Jones, Justin Jackson, Jamaal Williams, and Alexandar Mattison. My WRs consist of Thielen, Godwin, Hilton, D.J. Moore, and Crowder. One of my concerns is if I end up taking this trade, I’ll have both Evans and Godwin from TB. What are you guys’ thoughts?


I would consider it based on your rb depth…you can before accepting it look to move godwin for lesser rb to help out there as well…godwin for monty type of trade or godwin for sanders.

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