Trade Kamara for Mahomes

Would you trade Kamara for Mahomes?

.5 ppr keeper.
Kamara would be kept in round 13
Mahomes would be kept in round 5


How is your RB depth looking? And who is your QB/who is available on waivers? Depending on scoring bonuses (if your league has them), and you have the depth with bad options on waivers, then I could see it working.

+3pts for QBs >300yrd
+3pts for Rb >100yrds
6pt TD

RB: A Kamara, S. Barkley, D Montgomery, J Jacobs, & Mostert
QB: Watson

Not a chance. You have a good QB. You should be able to get a boatload more than Mahomes for Kamara. Plus their keeper rounds alone would make me keep Kamara over Mahomes based on value alone.

Lmao no. Kamara in the 13th is robbery. Unless this is SF, even then it’s still Kamara.


Definitely not. Mahomes is incredible but kamara is harder to replace than a qb is.

Thanks guys for taking me off the tilt ledge.

I haven’t been able to hit a stride with my team yet and with Brees going down… think I had a mini freak out

Corey Glodek