Trade Kareem Hunt and Crabtree for A.J. Green and McCoy?

I have RB: Gordon,Montgomery WR: OBJ, K. Benjamin, A Jeffery, Cobb

I would keep Hunt and Crabtree.

Mccoy and Green are both studs on bad offenses. You should have better luck with hunt and crabtree, both on explosive teams so far.

I completely disagree. I’d take that in a heartbeat. Green is the best player involved. McCoy for Hunt is a wash, if not a win, in my book. I love Crabtree, but if I can get Green from a panicking owner, I’m over the moon.

What is the scoring format?

I think Green and McCoy are both the better players compared to Hunt and Crabtree, but Buffalo and Cinci are stagnant at best so far this year. That could definitely change, but right now I think they are both capped by the people around them. I hope I’m wrong about McCoy though, I have him on my team.

Half point ppr

I think they’ve played 3 of the best defenses in Football. Don’t overreact.

1/2 point ppr

Fair point. What are the chances that cinci benches Dalton for Mccarren and would that change your opinion?

Certainly not 0. However, they just fired their OC, so I think they’ve found their scapegoat. As I understand it, part of the reason he was fired is because the players essentially revolted. One of those players eas Green, because he wasn’t getting the ball. I suspect they’re going to force feed him, regardless of the QB, and he’s an absolute beast.

If thats the case and Green starts to get the ball more, I could definitely see your side. Hunt isn’t going to keep up the crazy stats all year. I am still nervous about McCoy, but I am a McCoy owner.

I’m nervous about him too. You’ll find me telling people to sell in multiple places on these forums, but I also have concerns with Hunt, and Green is just too good for me to not take a chance on.

Edit: honestly, I really like all of these players, at the right price, and this could easily go the other way. I can’t promise I’m right, I just think both McCoy and Hunt are currently overvalued and Green is currently undervalued. Massively.

I definitely agree with your last edit. This is a tough trade, especially so early in the season. We gave OP a lot to think about. I’m still not sure I would be able to make a decision one way or another. Maybe that helps OP