Trade Kareem Hunt for DJ Shark?

12 Team Half Point PPR:

Receive: DJ Shark
Give: Kareem Hunt

Current Team:
QB: Patrick Mahomes
QB: Jared Goff
RB: Christian McCaffrey
RB: David Johnson
RB: Kareem Hunt
RB: Antonio Gibson
RB: Chris Thompson
WR: Chris Godwin
WR: Robert Woods
WR: Marvin Jones Jr
WR: Golden Tate
WR: Preston Williams
TE: Darren Waller
TE: Chris Herndon
D: Pittsburgh

Yes. Chark will be a great wr3 while hunt will probably not be beating out dj for a rb start. If gibson starts picking up as well, hunt may be your rb4, and I don’t see him flexing over chark on a week to week basis.

I’d say no. I would like to have Chark more than Hunt, but situationally I think you need Hunt more than Chark.

Right now you have enough at WR in Godwin and Woods, and Marvin Jones and Tate can fill WR3 spot for sure. Tate gets targets and Jones has big play ability.

Behind CMC, David Johnson has question marks and Thompson will likely get hurt. Gibson could be good but it’s mostly hype right now… we don’t really know what his ceiling will be since it’s still Washington.

If you are all in for the Gibson gamble, then go for it. But otherwise I think you need Hunt at least for now.

What positions do you start every week?

I’d probably do the trade in a 3 WR + 1 Flex league, or any format that allows you to get 4 WRs into the lineup. If you can only get three WRs into the lineup, I’d value the RB depth.