Trade Keenan Allen + Montgomery for Saquon

Should I trade Keenan and Montgomery for Saquon?

My current RBs are CMC, Gibson, Montgomery, McKissic
WRs are Deebo, Diontae Johnson, Godwin, Keenan Allen
TE is Waller

12 team, Full-PPR

pretty good deal. I would maybe want like a WR3 with Saquon just to have some more depth at WR for bye weeks and with the injury history of Johnson and Deebo

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Other team also has Allen Robinson and Marquise Brown…would trying to bundle one of them in be asking too much?

I think with Saquon’s game last week, K. Allen being less than a WR1 at this point, and Monty’s injury; you are going to have a difficult time getting more. If you did this deal before last week you probably would have gotten the WR.

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yeah might be tough to get one of them but theres a chance he despises A Rob right now so worth a shot I suppose

Welllll that owner got cold feet trading Saquon (understandably). New offer is Keenan + Montgomery for Swift + A. Rob. Thoughts?

Really depends on how badly you need RB.