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12 team full point PPR. I’m planning on keeping D. Johnson and Ertz. Any thoughts if I should make a move on Fournette or J. Howard instead of keeping Ertz?


What’s starting lineup?


Is there a round penalty for keeping fournette or Howard? Keeping Fournette is far more economical in any case.


Well as of right now this team is keeping OBJ and Fournette. I would have to give up a pick for Howard. Right now we give up two rounds for every guy that has been kept at least once before. Howard has not been a keeper yet so I would give up nothing.


Sorry I’m juggling 2, 9 month old twins. Think I understand your question…but we have not drafted yet. This is still our off season. Aug 25th is our draft, so I do not have a lineup yet


What is your starting lineup requirements I mean… Like 2Rb 3Wr? Etc.?


7 bench spots. 2 IR. 1QB, 2RBs. 2 WRs, 1TE, 1Flex, 1D. 1K


PPR I’d keep DJ and ertz prob.

But wouldnt fault you for going DJ fournette


Yeah I’m not keeping Ertz. RBs are much more valuable on the high end. Go Fournette!


I would keep epithet of them over Ertz. TE is to easy to find similar production. A shot at high end RB is something I would not pass on personally.

I would go for Fournette over Ertz. I also like Howard, but I think Fournette is in a better space and it is doubtful Howard gets passes of any note.

And definitely keep those twins in the air. Do not stop them :wink:


Twins in the air??


Yeah, you were juggling to 9 month old twins :wink:


Lol :joy:. Who is this??


I do not know you, just read it in your comments up above before I posted my thoughts :wink:


Lmao I forgot I put that