Trade Kelce and Aaron Jones for Saquon

Should I offer Travis Kelce and Aaron Jones for Saqoun or is that too much or too little?

Seems like a lot to pay.

Seems like a huge price to pay for simply swapping first round picks and you are throwing in your second rounder as well if this draft went similar to my own? Do you need help at RB or do you just really want Saquon?

I acuatlly got Kelce in the second round while I got Hopkins in round 1. I just really want Saquon, and my RBs are A. Jones, S. Michel, M. Gordon, L. Murray, A. Ekeler, D. Thompson, and D. Henderson

Who’s your backup TE? Saquon/Sony sounds great as a 1/2 but now I’m just trying to justify total points projected for Kelce/Jones vs. Saquon/Sony and if you have a viable backup at TE.

I don’t have a backup TE and the best option on the waiver wive would probably be TJ Hockenson. Do you think Kelce and Sony would be enough?

You’re not giving up too much. It’s Saquon, it would make no sense for someone to trade him without getting back something big, so if you want him, that’s what you gotta do. I would just try to get a TE back from this team. Don’t wanna go into season with Hockensen as starter. Rookie TE’s are never valuable. At least look for Waller or Reed.