Trade Kelce, DJMoore, M brown?

I give up Kelce, DJMoore, M brown
I get Jcook, Arob, R woods
10 half pt ppr

Is this a trade worth making? I like Jcook his end of the season was great with brees

I don’t think this trade is uneven or unfair at all. I personally would prefer the Kelce side mainly because of him.

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I completely disagree, i hate that trade. idc how high ARob is ranked, he’s on the bears which has a huge question mark at the QB position. Plus you’d be giving up the number 1, set-it-and-forget-it TE and downgrading all the way to the number 6-8 TE, and Hollywood has a ton of upside in that offense especially if he makes a jump.

Hard no for me.

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Boom! thats what I needed to prevent a bone head move before the season starts