Trade! (Kelce)

It’s a must win this week Kelce for Doug Martin and Hunter Henry other backs are D. Murray, Darkwa, Forte,
I also just got Jordan Reed and Diggs for Jeffrey. Should I just play my roster and hope for a win or do the trade and help my chances this week?

Tyler Kroft is avaible as well

Can you get a better RB? Martin is a question mark especially with Winston out and possibly Evans too.

I could try hyde or lamar Miller

The thing is this guy knows I’m desperate and low balling

i just personally think Kelce is worth more than Martin, Henry is on almost all my waivers at this point. The Reed, Diggs, Jeffrey trade was pretty sick. But man you’re RBs are tough. If you really need it I’d do it as a last resort but I’d really push for Hyde. Not sure if Miller is going to be worth it over Martin. The Jets allow more yards to RBs than the Rams so if you’re just looking one week ahead, may it’s Doug? If you can find a way to upgrade to Hyde I’d do it, he’ll get some good work against the Giants.

Yeah this team is in the shitter I don’t think I’m going to do it I’ll just stream Tyler Kroft but then my flex is either Murray or Fitz which is gross.

Lol Im in the same boat. I have kelce and need to find a replacement.

Kroft, Clay, vernon davis, and Reed is on waivers.

WHo do i pick up??? Need to win also this week

Demarco Murray or Latavius?

Well I mean if Clay and Reed are sititng on the waivers and you have some space I’d pick one up just cause…