Trade Kenny G for Dalvin Cook?

Please help! Should I trade Kenny G for Dalvin Cook? Full PPR, don’t need RB depth (Hunt, Mixon, Connor, Lynch, Kerryon, A Jones), but that seems like such a good value.

(WRs are Keenan, Tyreek, Golloday, Calvin Ridley, Mike Williams, Keke)

realisticly, even if you do that trade, are you EVER going to start Cook?

over the backs you have? probably not.

Meanwhile your not “weak” at WR by any stretch, but you will be much thinner losing golladay.

Stay put.

I agree with Jtess72. You dont need the RB help and i think Kenny Is a better piece for your line up.

Make the trade. The value is too good to pass up. see if you can get a WR1 value from other owners