Trade Kenyan Drake?

Someone in my league just asked me what I wanted for him. It would only be for another rb because I’m set everywhere else really. He has Chris Thompson and Aron Jones. Do I trade drake for one of those guys? Or I could try and get Thompson/Jones & Gronk for my Drake and Reed? Is that a fair trade?

Here’s my roster:

My roster is :


Dalvin Cook
Kenyan Drake
Mark Ingram
Kerryon Johnson
Corey Clement

Jordan Reed
Jared Cook

Keenan Allen
AJ Green
Sammy Watkins
Larry Fitz

@MikeMeUpp do you have any advice for this?

Just posted this:

If you can get Aaron Jones for Drake, I’d take that trade.

hi, wow your team is looking pretty stacked. I say trade away drake. Maybe for thompson or Jones + something if you can finesse that

You might have to bring more if you want Gronk - maybe Drake + Clement for Thompson, Gronk (would go Jones over Thompson in a standard league). You would be getting 2 known commodities while the 2 you’re giving up need some things to go their way. Shady trade deal has me nervous about Clements prospects

Good luck with that one. Drake + Clement shouldn’t even get you Gronk alone. If you can get Gronk for that, take it and run.

He also asked about a Clement for Thompson trade, would you do that @MikeMeUpp ?