Trade Kerryon and Engram for J White. Full Ppr

My other TE IS Ertz and my other starting RB is Hyde.

Give me Kerryon over James white ROS. I think last game is more in line with what you’ll see from white going forward. Kerryon has much more upside.

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James white’s last week would have been Kerryon’s best of the season so far. I’m not sure Detroit is going to move away from the three way committee, which really hampers Kerryon’s upside.

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I agree there’s definitely a high degree of risk involved here. But I’m gambling on that upside. Also, I’m looking forwards, not backwards. I don’t really care much about what White did in the 2 career games. Historically, as a pats fan, it’s not sustainable cause I just don’t see him getting 12-14 targets a game or scoring a TD every week going forward. I think last week, is very much more the norm of what you’ll see form white. 4-5 carries and 4-5 receptions per game. Cool but nothing exciting. And he isn’t running with nearly the same efficiency as Kerryon is.

That’s why I like Kerryon more going forward, even with the time share. Cause not like White is leading a backfield either.